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Troubleshooting Tape Drives in ntbackup

To completely uninstall a driver:

  • Set the following environment variable: devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1
  • Go into Device Manager and under the View menu, select "Show hidden devices"
  • Check the name of your device, then in regedit go to HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services and look for your device, open the key and look at the ImagePath - this should point to the actual driver file
  • Back in Device Manager, right click on any entry for the tape drive and choose Uninstall
  • Back in regedit, make sure the key for your device has gone; if not, delete it
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Cannot delete 'Tape Drive': only 'Not present' libraries can be deleted

First make sure that the tape drive is not listed in Device Manager. Make sure you've enabled "Show hidden devices" as above.

If you still can't remove the library maybe the RSM database is corrupt.

To rebuild the database:

  1. Stop the "Removable Storage" service
  2. Rename files in %SystemRoot%\System32\NtmsData folder with a .old extension
  3. Restart the "Removable Storage" service 

More info: Problems with a Damaged Removable Storage Manager Database