JCE Styles drop down box solved

Source: http://www.busyboo.com/2008/10/26/joomla-jce-styles-dropdown/

Create a new CSS file and place it in your template CSS folder. Call it editor_content.css, for example. In the Administrator section of your site, go to Components > JCE Administration > JCE Configuration. Change the ‘Template CSS Classes’ value to ‘No’ and below it enter editor_content.css and that’s it. no / or template/ or any other full path.

Now, keep in mind that every css class you added to editor_content.css must also be in your template_css.css for it to show in the frontend of your site (hp template and inner template, if you’ve got one).

Now, here is the buggy part; don’t ask me why – just try this:

  1. You have to have a title or some text in your content item before testing the Styles box.
  2. Clicking the down-arrow for the Styles drop-down doesn’t seem to work on XP/FF, XP/IE7, and Ubuntu/FF; you have to first click the actual drop-down box first. Clicking right on the word “Styles” will work, and then the down-arrow works subsequently {…Cheers, linux4me}
  3. Oh, and another thing… always do Refresh and/or clear your browser’s cache to see results.