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Search Engine Friendly URLs in Joomla

404 Errors Immediately After Purging URLs

sh404SEF can sometimes take a few minutes to recreate all the URLs. One way to speed the process is to visit the sitemap page on the frontend.

See: Solving Common Problems with sh404sef

sh404sef doesn't respect $live_site setting

Apparently this has been fixed in build 171 of sh404sef, but I downloaded the latest beta version 15_1.0.11 build 147 to work with Joomla 1.5 and still had the problem. The following fix works:


In plugins/system/sef.php add the following code (here in red) after line 276
[276] $route = $shPageInfo->base.($route == '/' ? '' : $route);
[277] $route = str_replace( "/Joomla", '',$route);

This simply removes the "Joomla/" from the URLs. An extremely mean trick and not really to be recommended, but it proves that it works and that the problem lies with sh404sef and not with the host setup.

Note: This is a very dirty hack! If you have any categories called "joomla", or even any pages where the title starts with "joomla" - they will break.

I ended up just moving my site to the root directory instead of trying to make it work in a subdirectory...