Sandboxie: LastPass plugin in IE won't save Master Password

When using both Sandboxie and the LastPass plugin in Internet Explorer, you may not be able to save the master password. Each time you open IE you would need to log in to LastPass again. This can be a pain, especially if you have a complex master password (which you should).

There is a post about this on the Sandboxie forum.

Basically this is because of a feature in IE8 called "Protected Mode". When you run IE8 not-sandboxed, it defaults to running in protected mode. When sandboxed, it runs in standard mode (virtually as administrator) - this is done automatically by Sandboxie. When running in standard mode (ie when you are sandboxed), IE will not remember any passwords that were entered when running in protected mode (ie when you were running outside of the sandbox).

How to make the LastPass plugin remember your master password

  1. Close all instances of IE
  2. Clear the sandbox: in the Sandboxie Control program, right click on the sandbox and select "Delete Contents"
  3. Disable forced programs: in the Sandboxie Control program click File, Disabled Forced Programs
  4. Open IE
  5. Go to Tools, Internet Options
  6. On the Security tab, clear the check box for "Enable protected mode" (untick it) and click OK
  7. Close IE, make sure you still have "Forced Programs" disabled in Sandboxie, and open IE again
  8. Log in to the LastPass plugin with your master password, selecting "Remember Password"
  9. Go to Tools, Internet Options
  10. On the Security tab, check the box for "Enable protected mode" (tick it) and click OK
  11. Enable Forced Programs again in Sandboxie

Now it should remember the password. If you're still having problems, search the Sandboxie forums and maybe request assistance there.