Folder Redirection

See also: Offline Files

Stop Syncing Redirected Folders

In a migration situation, it is usually best to turn off folder redirection on the source server before migrating the workstations, and before migrating any data. This way you can be sure that the server has the current version of all files.

  1. Modify the GPO on the server (source server if this is a migration) to redirect to the local user profile, and also make sure the option for Policy Removal is set to Redirect the folder back to the local userprofile location when policy is removed
  2. Log on to the PC as the user, gpupdate /force, it should ask you to log out so that it can apply the policy. Do that a few times until it no longer asks you to log out, just to make sure. Then also follow the steps below to re-initialize the database, just to make sure.

More information: How to stop Folder Redirection in Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server

How to Disable Automatic Caching of Redirected Folders


XP automatically makes redirected folders available offline no matter what the folder caching parameter on the share is. This is unique to XP, and won't happen on W2K. You have to disable automatic caching of redirected folders manually. This can be done using Administrative Templates in GPO (Network\Offline Files\Do not automatically make redirected folders available offline).

If you're not using GPO I haven't found I way to implement the above yet.


Source: Mark Minasi's Reader Forum - Offline Folders Problem