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Windows Mobile Emulator

I use the Mobile Device Emulator to troubleshoot ActiveSync issues for my clients. It means I don't need to keep a spare Windows Mobile phone and I don't need to borrow the client's phone to do my testing.

1. Set up the Microsoft Device Emulator

You'll need to install the Microsoft Device Emulator first. This comes with Virtual PC, but in Windows 7 you have XP mode instead - unfortunately it does not have the emulator. The following article shows to to extract the stuff you need from the VPC setup file - Windows Virtual PC and the Microsoft Device Emulator

2. Install the Windows Mobile Emulator

3. Install the images

4. Run an image from the start menu in Windows Mobile 6 SDK - Standalone Images folder (note: I had to run the Images installer again and select Repair because the "Standalone Images" folder wasn't being created)

5. File, Configure, Network tab. Enable NE2000 PCMCIA network adapter and bind to: the NIC you configured it for in first step

6. Boot up the image. Then go to Settings -> Connections Tab -> Network Card and change "My network card connects to" from Work to The Internet

7. Test that the Internet works, by going to a website in IE. If it works, close the window (X at top-right) and say "Yes" to save the emulator before closing

If you have problems

Check the local firewall. I found this was blocking it, even though no alerts were coming up (even though I am usually prompted). Just turn it off and try again, as a quick check.

Also, try running the "Microsoft Device Emulator" installer again, and do the repair.

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