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Troubleshooting Failed Agent Installation using LAN Watch

You may get the following error when trying to install a Kaseya agent using LAN Watch: The network path was not found.

The process will use the ADMIN share, so first make sure that you can browse to \\PC\ADMIN$

The firewall on the remote PC may be blocking you from doing this, so try disabling it.

It may also be due to incorrect or duplicate DNS registrations, or incorrect NetBIOS resolutions on the server.

Check the DNS and reverse DNS records on the server for the PC in question. If there are any duplicates, remove the bad entries.

The run the following on the server:

ipconfig /flushdns
nbtstat -rR
arp -d *

A member of the Kaseya forums mentions that before a deployment they always go into DNS, set scavenging to just a few hours and run it, then go into the reverse DNS section and delete all entries except the pointers for servers and domain.