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Setting up Remote Administration for Hyper-V Server

Some things in Hyper-V Server can be managed from the command line or by using PowerShell. But when you need to use a MMC console like Hyper-V Manager, you'll need to do it remotely from either a Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 system.

Before you can do that, though, you'll need to configure the firewall and permissions. My Hyper-V Server installs have been for small businesses where the only domain controller is running virtually, so these examples assume the Hyper-V Server itself is not joined to the domain.

The Process

On the server:

  • Create a local account called daniel using the Server Core Configuration Tool
  • Grant the account access: cscript hvremote.wsf /add:daniel

On the client:

  • Set credentials for local account: cmdkey /add:hyper-v /user:hyper-v\daniel /pass - set it to the same password as above
  • Set firewall exception: cscript hvremote.wsf /mmc:enable
  • Grant anonymous logon for remote access: cscript hvremote.wsf /mode:client /anondcom:grant
  • Download RSAT on client
  • Add Windows Feature to install Hyper-V Manager
  • Remember to run Hyper-V Manager as Administrator or it won't work

To verify configuration for errors on both server and client: cscript hvremote.wsf /show /target:othercomputername