Force small taskbar using group policy

I like to force small taskbar and also disable grouping.

To disable grouping, the policy is:

User Configuration \ Policies \ Administrative Templates \ Prevent grouping of taskbar items = Enabled

There is no policy to force small taskbar, but there is a registry setting. Therefore we can make a custom ADM file (source:

Create a file with the extension .ADM  mine is Taskbar Extra.ADM on your Domain Controller

Insert this into the file and make sure you save it as .ADM and not .txt


CATEGORY "Taskbar Extras"

KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced"

POLICY "Enable small icons for the taskbar"

EXPLAIN "Enabling this policy will enforce the use of small icons in the taskbar.  If not enabled it or disabled large icons will be used.  This 

Should work for Windows 7 and Vista"  

VALUENAME "TaskbarSmallIcons"





Now go into your User GPO you have created you want to attach this to.

So drill down to "User Configuration" > Policies and right click on "Administrative Templates" and select  "Add/Remove Templates"

Click Add and browse to your ADM file and click Close to "Save", if you get no pop ups it was added ok, if you get a pop up it will tell you the error.

Simply Remove and re-add the same ADM to "Update" it if you make changes.

Now in your GPO drill down to "User Configuration" > Policies > "Administraive Templates" > "Classic Administrative Template" and you should see the new GPO we created, enable it and apply to your OU(s) and that should be it.