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Event 4015 and 4004 from Source DNS

These errors started appearing on my test SBS 2003 server which only gets Windows Updates and doesn't have any workload or applications installed. A few resolutions that may be possible are below

A few things to try

From a newsgroup post: "If you have installed AD using Dcprom , the dcpromo create the .(root) zone and when you need to use the forwords option as Microsoft recommendation for Internet names resolution you will always get the 4004 & 4015 errors in your log. To solve this problem and stop these events do the following:
1. Create a .(root) zone file
2. Right click the .(root) name and select Properties
3. Change the zone into a primary zone instead of the integrated AD zone type
4. Delete the .(root) zone"

From a newsgroup post: "If the 4004 and 4015 events only appear at start up, you get these events because your zones are stored in AD and you only have one Domain Controller. AD cannot start with DNS, and when DNS starts, because AD has not started, DNS cannot load the zones in AD. The error goes away if you have two or more DCs with DNS installed, or if you use standard primary zones".

In one case, this happened on a Windows 2003 SP1 computer, which was a domain controller with Active Directory integrated zones, where the DNS Server address had defaulted to Five of these Event IDs were preceded by EventID 4004 from source DNS.
Changing the DNS server address did not solve the problem. DNS was uninstalled and reinstalled (go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components -> Networking Services) without an intervening restart of the computer. The DNS Server was then checked and minor configuration changes made. The computer was restarted and EventID 4004 or 4015 did not reappear.