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Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader X


Q: The search bar has been removed!
A: Yes it has. You can put a "Find" button on the toolbar instead, but you can't get the search bar back, it's gone. To put a find button on the toolbar, right click on an empty part of the toolbar, select Edit, Find.

Q: When I try to insert a PDF file in Publisher (using the Insert, Object, Adobe Acrobat Document menu option) I get an error: Windows is low on memory. To free up memory, save your work and close other programs; then continue working.
A: Disable protected mode in Adobe Reader X. Edit, Preferences, General, uncheck "Use Protected Mode at startup"

Download / Install

Latest version always here:

See also: Packaging Adobe Reader for info about creating an MSI for deployment using group policy. The article hasn't been updated for a very long time though.