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Active Directory Command Line Tools


Dsmod - modifies the attributes of one or more existing AD objects. Type dsmod user /? for syntax and more information on which attributes can be modified. eg. dsmod user "cn=Daniel Mundy,ou=People,dc=mundy,dc=net,dc=au" -office "Adelaide"

You can pipe DNs to dsmod like so: dsquery user -name "* Mundy" | dsmod user -office "Adelaide"

Another more powerful example of changing all home directories: dsquery user "ou=People,dc=mundy,dc=net,dc=au" | dsmod user -hmdir "\\server01\users\%username%\documents" -hmdrv "U:"


Dsget gets attributes from one or more objects. eg. dsget user "cn=Daniel Mundy,ou=People,dc=mundy,dc=net,dc=au" -samid or to get the pre-Windows 2000 logon name of all account in the OU, dsquery user -office "Adelaide" | dsget user -samid